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"Not for Profit - Not for Charity - But for Service"
 Renaissance Center of Hope & Learning
3549 North Boulevard Place
 Indianapolis, IN 46208
Telephone: (317) 923-4010
Ida Lange, Manager

Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Friday 12 Noon - 6:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Mount Zion (Indpls) Federal Credit Union, a non-profit financial institution providing excellent services designed to meet your financial needs. Owned and operated by , at Mount Zion FCU you can save and borrow both economically and at optimal rates. 
Why the Credit Union is better than a Bank or Savings & Loan? 
A credit union is non-profit, all profits earned are returned to its members in the form of either dividends or services.

           Who Can Join the Mount Zion Credit Union?
Membership is open to the public. Including members of Mt. Zion and any member of their immediate family (parents, siblings, children, parents-in-law) residing in their household or any employee of Mt. Zion Baptist Church or employee of any organization affiliated with Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

                          Member Services
Member services include: Regular account; Joint account; Children's account; Holiday Club account; Association, organizations and group accounts; Direct deposits and Share Certificate of Deposit.

                            Loan Services

The Credit Union offers a range of secured, partially secured and unsecured loans -- Personal; New and    used vehicles; Education expenses; Home improvement (appliances, furniture, home repair); Special events(vacations, graduation, weddings) and small emergency(medical expenses, taxes, auto repair).


3500 Graceland Avenue | Indianapolis, IN 46208  | PH: (317) 924-4748
Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.     Friday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Proclamation of the Word

Sunday, August 18. 2019

Dr. Philip K. James




 This Week at Mount Zion 

                WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN?

You are challenged to pray more, and more earnestly during this first Month of the New Year.  By Prayer God will launch and lift you into the orbit of His Grace needed for the Journey of 2018.

Read: Jeremiah 29:7; Jeremiah 33:3

This 1st week of January pray for Men.... fathers and young adult men

The 2nd week pray for Women.... mothers, young adult women 

The 3rd week pray for marriages and families 

The 4th week pray for Children, Youth and Teens 

- Pray and ask God to lead us, to give us ears and hearts to hear his voice, and obey his voice

- Pray and ask God to keep us and Cleanse us from hidden faults, our negative attitudes, lack of faith, and Keep us from deliberate sins! 

- Pray and ask God for a closer walk with him

- Pray to be more bold in your witness for him

- Pray for grace to practice loving each other as we want to be loved

- Pray  for more patience in attitude and and the grace of hospitality when activities you serve in go longer than you planned stay

- Ask God to heal you every where you hurt.... And to Restore the Joy of your salvation...

- Ask God to keep you aware that it is in His presence that the full completeness of Joy is found

- Ask God to work through you to help add 100 new believers to our congratulation in 2018!

There is power in prayer!  Imagine what is possible as we focus in together and pray this month!

The Spiritual Promise:

Make your request known unto God.... And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding..... 

Shall guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus our Lord!  Phil. 4:6-7