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Mt. Zion Baptist Church
mT. zIOn DaY CAre CeNTeR, iNc.
Mount Zion Academy

"Home Away From Home" 

3549 Boulevard Place ~ Indpls, IN 46208     (317) 923-3343

At  Mount Zion Day Care Center, we believe that the early years are critical in children's development.  The quality of care and service they receive at this time in their lives will be of long lasting importance.  We are equally concerned about all areas of children's development -- physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth.

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Looking for a Day Care facility where your child will be actively involved in many new learning experiences?
Looking for academic stimulation such as math and science concepts, pre-reading skills as well as music and rhythm fundamentals?
Looking for special enrichment opportunities in the areas of creative arts and local field trips? 
Looking for a program that encourages parental involvement?
Look no further! 
Mt. Zion Day Care Center would  be pleased to serve as your child's "Home Away From Home".


The Proclamation of the Word

Dr. Philip K. James 

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This Week at Mount Zion

2022 Church Theme:


“More Jesus in you in 2022!!”

Spiritually: Being Christlike

Wisdom: Studying the Word of God

Family: Maintaining Family Devotion Time

Benevolence: Giving of Time, Talent and Resources

Click this link to view the:  Mount Zion COVID-19 Relief

Our Vision:

To become a nurturing community of believers; where persons and families feel love; participate in worship; develope their God-given gifts in ministry and committed discipleship, in order to meet the spiritual, physical and social needs of the congregation and community, to the glory of God. 

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow!  May God Bless your week in a Supernatural Way! 

May Jesus be the Center of your Joy!

You are in our prayers. 

3500 Graceland Avenue | Indianapolis, IN 46208  | PH: (317) 923-4010