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Sunday Church School Adminstration

Minister Patricia Miller, General Superintendent

Deaconess Theresia Wynns, Superintent for Finance,

Sister  Ann Wilkins, Superintendent for Children

Anthony DeForrest, Superintendent for Adults

Lewana Britt, Director of Christian Education

Superintendent's Corner



Glory and praises to God in the highest!


Welcome to the Mount Zion Baptist  Sunday Church School.  I would like to invite you to join us each Sunday morning beginning at 8:45 until 9:45 AM.  We have classes to meet the needs of children and youth, young adults, and adults to seniors.  The classes are transforming and life changing for all who attend. 


This years theme for the church is "Equipping Saints for the Work of the Ministry."  I believe that is the calling for the teachers of the Sunday Church School departments as they prepare their students for Gods work and kingdom building each week.


Classes are taught using curriculum from Urban Ministries, Inc.  The text is rich with biblical points and principles and address how the lesson focus applies to our lives today.  Examples are given with scenarios that would are typical of real life experiences that have or may occur in present day to day situations.  Students engage in soul stirring discussions and share experiences and situations they have encountered.  The small group atmosphere creates an environment of trust, fellowship, and community. Many have commented that they look forward to class each week because of the closeness established within their classes


In addition to traditional Sunday School classes, we have this quarter, the Experiencing God series which many find very inspirational and eye opening.  Students are discovering the nature of God and His presence in their daily lives as they get to know Him in prayer, through meditation, and supplication.


Here at Mount Zion we don't believe Sunday Church School is just for children.  We believe it is for all who want to learn of God and His ways.  We are striving to walk after Christ and live as he taught us to live.  Therefore, in addition to the children, youth, and young adult classes, we have five adult classes that are thriving and increasing in knowledge and wisdom.  To see where you fit, scroll down for a description of what classes offered and their locations.


We look forward to seeing you!  If you'd like to enroll in a class, visit the Sunday Church School office on the lower level of the church (west hallway).  There you may complete an enrollment card, get any questions you may have answered, and begin your journey of learning in your new class.


Be Blessed!


Minister Pat Miller

General Superintendent

                                                        Scroll Down for Class Descriptions


Class Descriptions

Pre-school:  Ages 3 through kindergarten.  This class has a creative and exciting curriculum.  The children are in a bright and colorful environment that is inviting and warm.  It is designed to stimulate the children as they engage in fun learning activities with songs, stories, and hands on activities.  This class is located in the children’s room on the lower level of the church (south hallway behind Dorcas Hall).

Children:  Grades 1 through 3.   Students in this class enjoy being interactive with their peers as they learn and fellowship with one another.  The children learn the order of service in the chapel area in their classroom.  They are free to explore the love of Jesus through storytelling, songs, plays, and games. This class is located in the children’s room on the lower level (south hallway behind Dorcas Hall) of the church.

Junior Class:  Grades 4 through 6.  These are dynamic individuals who are excited about their spiritual growth and learning about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and to have Him as their personal savior. They role play biblical characters, play games, engage in group discussions, and participate in projects and other activities. This class is located on the lower level of the church in Dorcas Hall.

JAM Class:  Grades 7 & 8.  The JAM (Jesus and Me) is a Bible class designed to meet the needs of the pre-teen as they prepare for high school.  They dig deep to find out how Jesus connects to their lives as they grow and change and discover who they’re becoming in the Christian walk.  Location to be announced. 

Senior High Class:  Grades 9 through 12.  This class is designed to foster the spiritual growth in small group Bible study.  The Bible study engages the students by presenting the Word of God as the road map to answer the many questions of teenagers.  Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to become His disciples through the use of various life application techniques.  This class is located on the lower level of the church in the Timothy Room (for Youth and Christian Education) - West Hallway

Bible Searchers:  This is a class of both men and women ages 40s to 60s who engage in biblical studies that help them to see Christ working in and through them to increase their faith.  They are a spirit-filled group with a teaching and learning style that is based on its name with emphasis on God’s laws for daily living and spiritual growth.  Members are encouraged to take an active part in searching the scriptures for themselves.  This class is located in the overflow chapel in the back of the sanctuary.

Bible Learners:   This is a class of varying ages of women who want to explore their faith and the meaning it has for their lives today as they develop in spiritual growth.  They come from varying backgrounds bringing a wealth of knowledge and experiences that aid to the sharing and discussions over the lessons.  This class is located in the Church lounge located on the east side of the Sanctuary.

Young Adult Class:  This class is made up of non college, college, and students in ages from 20s to 30s that gather for fellowship and study of God’s word.  The engage in open group discussions and various art forms expressing the love of God (i.e., poetry, song, dance, and art).  The Young Adult class is held in the Renaissance Center across the parking lot north of the Church.

Unity Class:  Couples and singles in their 50s through 60s and 70s make up this dynamic class who share a love and fire for Jesus.  They study the word of God and share in lively discussions about the lessons.  Their faith is deepened as they explore and fellowship through life experiences and everyday walks of faith experiences.  This class is held in the Church Library located on the east side of the sanctuary.


Good Shepherd:  This class learns, shares, and supports the Holy Bible as written.  Teachers and students learn from each other as the lessons are applied to daily living from a female perspective.  Focus is placed on how to take the lesson and put it into action.  The class is enlightened as outside resources are brought in to give more in depth meaning to the lesson.  This class is held on the lower level of the church in the Rose of Sharon Room (Breakfast Room).

Butler Baraca:  This all male group varies in ages from 30 to 70.  There is something for everyone, the young, the old, and the in between.  This group is interactive in their approach to in depth study as they use resources such as maps, charts, related commentaries to the lesson focus to find the biblical truths presented.  This class is located in the Glory Room which is located on the west side of the sanctuary in the church.

3500 Graceland Avenue | Indianapolis, IN 46208  | PH: (317) 924-4748
Office Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.     Friday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The Proclamation of the Word

Sunday, September 9th, 2018




 This Week at Mount Zion 

Focus on the Family:

Mt. Zion’s mission is outside of the four walls!

We enter to Worship, we go out to Serve!

Let August be filled full of

Random Acts of Kindness!

  • You can pay for someone’s coffee/meal in the drive up!
  • Make an extra meal for someone and deliver it!
  • Weed someone’s flower bed or garden!
  • Go to the laundromat and pay for someone’s laundry!
  • Spread cheer to everyone you meet!
  • Buy a dozen of roses and pass them out to those you meet!
  • Pay for someone’s hair appointment!
  • Put money on the lunch tabs for students!
  • You and your walking partner pray for people you meet!
  • Invite someone to eat lunch with you!
  • Send Thinking of You cards!
  • Do Ministry that Makes a Difference!

2017-18 Theme:  “Saved to Love”

GOAL:  Develop a Culture of Love for Each Other

Scriptures to meditate on, memorize and implement through 2018

     Leviticus 19:17-18

     Mark 12:28-34

     Luke 10:25-28

     Deuteronomy 6:1-9

     Micah 6:8

How does this look like in practice?

How do we internalize this Love that God requires of us?

How do we express it externally?

What does Love look like as it is practiced in the ministries?

Love in the congregation, members, and ministries.

                WHAT DOES LOVE MEAN?

You are challenged to pray more, and more earnestly during this first Month of the New Year.  By Prayer God will launch and lift you into the orbit of His Grace needed for the Journey of 2018.

Read: Jeremiah 29:7; Jeremiah 33:3

This 1st week of January pray for Men.... fathers and young adult men

The 2nd week pray for Women.... mothers, young adult women 

The 3rd week pray for marriages and families 

The 4th week pray for Children, Youth and Teens 

- Pray and ask God to lead us, to give us ears and hearts to hear his voice, and obey his voice

- Pray and ask God to keep us and Cleanse us from hidden faults, our negative attitudes, lack of faith, and Keep us from deliberate sins! 

- Pray and ask God for a closer walk with him

- Pray to be more bold in your witness for him

- Pray for grace to practice loving each other as we want to be loved

- Pray  for more patience in attitude and and the grace of hospitality when activities you serve in go longer than you planned stay

- Ask God to heal you every where you hurt.... And to Restore the Joy of your salvation...

- Ask God to keep you aware that it is in His presence that the full completeness of Joy is found

- Ask God to work through you to help add 100 new believers to our congratulation in 2018!

There is power in prayer!  Imagine what is possible as we focus in together and pray this month!

The Spiritual Promise:

Make your request known unto God.... And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding..... 

Shall guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus our Lord!  Phil. 4:6-7